Chartreuse Bull

by VAZ



released March 15, 2011



all rights reserved


VAZ New York, New York

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Track Name: Chartreuse Blues
Fade in the night to chartreuse blue. The picture's dead. I can't make my next move. I can't move. I can't move. When it grows green will you go white. Will you stay straight, or silent and uptight. Will you turn. Will you turn the wheel away. Fallen feathers line my cage. Closed shutters blind and break the day.
Track Name: Blockade
Behind the blockade circuits short, cells run dry. Someone switch back on the light. Behind the black wall nothing matches, nothing fires. Nothing sounds across the wire. Stranded/strangled. Stalled out/hauled out. Rusting, rotting. No one's calling. Blocks keep falling.
Track Name: The 2nd
They're ringing out the bell tolls as the candles burn down. You're bleeding out of both ears as they're blowing out your sound. But echoes remain as the sound waves roll on. The second has come. You're running on your last legs as the chorus cheers on. You're running out of last breaths, now the ticker tape is thrown. An echo refrains and the clock strikes out his song. The second has come. The sun's collapsed into night's arms. The day's been passed, out past the stars. The second has come.
Track Name: Z Train
I've been crossing my eyes. I've been crossing the street. I've been pulling my leg. I've been pulling my teeth. I've been flipping my wig. I've been fixing my hair. I've been flipping my switch. I've been pulling my chair. Got a gap in my teeth and a hole in my sky. Got a hole in my shoe and the back of my mind. Not this train. Where is the Z? I've been running my legs. I've been flapping my wings. I've been running in place. I've been running in rings. Got a tinfoil hat and my radio on. Got a wand in my hand and a blade in my lawn. Not this train.
Track Name: Cutter
They wait and watch a thousand ways. They gleam like frost on crystal lakes. They climb on board and steal the reigns. They're all crawling out. Claws coming out. Hooks in your mouth. They steal the shine right off the blade. And blind your eyes right off the page. You slip and slide toward the grave. They're all crawling out. Claws coming out. Dirt in your mouth. Dragging you down. Pulling you down. Kicking you down.
Track Name: Sine Language
Show me a sine. Speak in octaves. Stop it dead on the dial. Scoping sights. Seeking targets. It's executionist style. Standing waves. A spray of bullets. What did you say again. Drawing lines and splitting crosshairs. Can't get your reasons to rhyme. Sailing off on plastic arrows into the blue and the blind. Phase in your sound or shut it down. Standing waves spilling over. The signs you make all point to nowhere. Standing waves falling over. What did you say.
Track Name: Prepare to Dive
Look at that empire shine. Look at those tiny people. Such a clear and crystal day. Look at those flocks in flight. Circling 'round sharp steeples. Such a clear and crystal day. Look at that empire shine. Look at those tiny people. See how they scatter and hide as I, as I prepare to dive.
Look at those flocks in flight. Circling 'round sharp steeples. Cutting in overdrive as I, as I prepare to dive. Down and down and down.
Track Name: Clone Theory
A mercury reaction rising through the dark. A funhouse refraction splinters into sparks. A standing and breathing reflection growing my hair, making my face. A signal of polar intentions. It's forming words and fanning flames. A cold motion sequence smoldering like a snake. This fake is a bastard man. The liar lies awake. I know it's pissing on my friends. An acid storm, a fire lake. I know it's ripping off my cells. A line is drawn. A line's erased.
Track Name: Throttle
I want a laugh track. Where's the gas. We've got a full tank set to blast. Hit the throttle. Head it south. Tear the roof off burning mouths.
I went from A to Z. You went from head to toe. I wasn't blind last night. It's party time. On a hairpin trying to pass. Ain't no lifetimes left to cash. Hit the throttle. Pull the knife. Peel the black tar off the night. I see it all on my screen. Another tire blows. I wasn't blind last night. It's party time.
Track Name: Sickle
It's on. It's time. You're weak and blind. Your blood is mine. There's no divorce. No going back. Straight on course. Grey to black. You don't look well. Disease and rot. I gave, you got. You had your time. What's left is mine. Your ashtray eyes fail to see, but soon you'll know. Soon you'll feel a sickle slice 'cross the knees. Say goodnight. Pleasant dreams. You don't look well.
Track Name: Mistake Lake (bonus track)
Turn around and punch it down. There is no gauge to keep your eye on. It's a mistake, an arid lake. There is no sun on that horizon. My lungs will flatten if you fly to Saturn. Turn around and bring it back. There is no shoulder left to drive on. It's black and tan, you blew it man. Blowing thru the candy pylons. My glass will shatter in polyblastic patterns. You lost your mind, I lost my mind. There is no reason to refind them. Just hit erase or flip the tape. There is no finger to rewind it. My lungs will flatten if you fly to Saturn.