Dying to Meet You

by VAZ



released August 26, 2003



all rights reserved


VAZ New York, New York

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Track Name: They've Won
The fangs are filing out for you. They've stapled down your knees and hands. You can no longer stand to look into the faceless teeth laughing at you. A scythist's eye can see thru skin and slice. They've won. You swallowed dry and hard. Your chest caves in, falls apart and showers splinters down. Cold cleats are treading on you. A scathist's arms can reach thru flame and fire. The opening strains. Closing knives have honed in. They've won. They broke into your face. Your mouth is speechless, in decay. The grinding will not cease. Drill screams are deafening you.
Track Name: Blue Lip Special
We speak thru wire and walk unearthed. We shock and burn. Flashing blue fire before your eyes. Slicing like a knife in the tongue. Now we shot a warning, now you better hit the ground. We wait in walls. We snake up stands. Let's shake hands. Flashing blue fire before your eyes. Slicing like a knife in the tongue. Now we shot a warning, now you better hit the ground. Now you had a warning, now you're gonna hit the ground.
Track Name: Elastik-C
A flock of Vilents all peck and pry. I wish they'd wing it, clock off and fly. Magneziks run 'round hissing spools. Their scratching tapes flutter untrue. When pitching shifts, black eyes will sing. When clawing caws, Sonars will sting. The Syphons shake shivers from Mees. Crowded 'round cold Elastik sea. An ironed pose encased in lines. Dead branches stick a trunk like mine. The tickings stop and time rebands. I've lost my watch and left my hands. This channel's cracked, draining in bends. Soaking of Hell, sunk in its sin. No mirror lake or virgin stream, this river feeds Elastik sea.
Track Name: White World of Death
Shadows freeze eyes upon your face. It's hard to breathe with crystal lungs. Shattered ice drills a diamond gaze. It's hard to walk when you're run down. Light fades from caving walls. Your body's stiff, your body's cold. Lying still inside your hole. Far underground, an endless sleep.
Track Name: Headless Statue
It's crawling back. The headless statue. And it's sizing you. Your breathing faints as knees scrape closer. Now it's facing you. The concrete shakes. You feel your head spin and your body fall. One final break. Now the headless statue has a new face. Now it's crawled away and it won't return, but your body stays there broken. Now it's crawled away and it won't return, and the rest remains eroding.
Track Name: White Wall
Eyes stairing down a wall. This wall could be a canvas. If it wasn't such a wall.
Track Name: I.V.
Strain your voice and crash the fall. Hypodermic rotocalls. Grinding teeth and glastik hands. Crystal fists don't understand. Pistol whips and lightening rods. Meltic ice and voltage drops. Syphoning thru praying hands. Drain us to the promised land. Seisms slip and sway. Sink the time delay. Clock it back again. You're clear to throat away.
Track Name: Freon Suite #2
Cold, clipped and tied. Un-nerved, mercury slides down. Fingers can't feel. Lip-stiffed and pale. A wound stomach grinds icicle tines. Chisled off crystal sounds. A choked cancelled flight enfrozen by your freonic spell. Now teeth click closed, the tongue snaps off and my eyes cross out.
Track Name: Drive-by Swordfight
Two metalux bodies crawl. Screaming fast, grinding slow. Crows they feather in the sky, and crash into my one room ride. Locked down, stuck in. White cell, staring thru a window. Dirty glass streaks pictures of your face. You're looking down upon my formaldehyded state. There's nothing wrong with my head. Nothing wrong. Here comes a body swinging sythe. Blade is staring thru my neck. Certain scent slicing by. Now is it you coming back? Black cloud, white light, cold breath slithering around me. I'm falling thru myself. A plate glass ride. Broken skin rings my neck. The metal tape rewinds. There's something wrong with my head. Oh no.
Track Name: Metal Egg
Two smoking eyes. One burning brain. A Zero pilot breathes out and flames. The sea waves white. The red reign shines. An ink blue trace of you is drawn by. Standing on a shattering metal egg. Trying to align my sights on you. The only aim inside of me. My vision breaks and peels away. My empty shell's fired to a gun-blue grave. Stranded on a shatted metal egg. Trying to rewind my frames of you. The only scene I wanna see, now or ever.
Track Name: Kill the Strings
Singers in stitches. It's a course thread. Weaving thru yards. Sewing a soiled patch. The coat's unrevelling. Kill the strings. Cough a deep wind. Blow out the flashbulb. Expire batteries. Discard men's magazines. Kill the strings.
Track Name: A Crown in My Future
Feel so torn off. Now the nerve lies exposed. Closing eyes cross out the smile's breaking sound. I'll be wearing a crown and you'll be wearing nothing. Feel so throned up, as the blinding point shines. One brilliant flash and the cloud city's mine. I'll be wearing a crown in case you need to find me.
Track Name: Fired Eye Quit
Staring long, eyes strain to see. The crackling waves buzz in over me. Sailing into the black and white, they shoot back out as furious light. Flaming fast and blazing free, red fingers swarm all over me. Lighting up, I'm breaking down. A smouldering shadow on singed black ground. And I'm feeling burnt. Now I'm floating ash. Daylight bends down on red knees. The twilight stains me in a grey sea. The jet-streams pass, cold-shouldering me. The cresting waves turn face and leave. And I'm feeling burnt as I fall back down. And I fall apart. And I blow away.