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Pink Confetti

by VAZ

I try but I can't avoid the yellowed polaroid of you, me, and scarlet leaves hanging from the fever tree. Beneath its parasol my stomach's ocean crawled. I drowned off in your shade. You slapped me like a wave and sailed away. Now I just can't erase you. My hands keep reaching back to that branch again. But I just keep on missing. My hands keep climbing down to the ladder's end. And I hope no one's watching as my foot breaks through the bottom rung again.
Miss Cyclone 04:20
Shot shells at the laughing gulls. Sailed stares at the sea. You sent a wave and erased the name carved next to me. Now nothing lasts forever and no one rides for free. The summer flowers are only trash along the beach. Standing in the chrome cold rain. The thunderbolts explode. The sky is turning blue and green. The silver siren moans. Every song is treasure sinking in the deep. Every note spit from your mouth is drowning me. Standing in the chrome cold rain. The astrobelts explode. The paint is peeling off my legs. I'm kicking summer snow.
Cherry Coke 02:48
You rolled me over. Tore off the gift wrap. Twisted the bottle cap and tipped my head back. Down in my canyon the cherry waterfall tumbled so sweetly, the syrup succulent. But now the blossom scent is smelling different. Red rapids swell and knot up my spinal bend. The sweet's gone sour. My stomach's sick of this. I'm sweating buckets. I'm turning pale. I called your 911, you never answered me. You never picked up the mess you made of me. You left me hanging like laundry on your rope. You pressed me flat as yesterday's cherry coke. So now I'm staking my longest finger straight into my throat so I can throw you out. Goodbye my geyser. I'll see you as the rain. Flooding the gutter red. Feeding the drain.
These sewn lips are stitched up in a frown. I'm shuffling thru scuttled speech. This guaze keeps hanging my throat upside down. I'm licking salt off my teeth 'cuz you might taste this way. Cold feet keep dragging across wooden floors. The splinters snagging like points my mouth can't make or say.
The plastic trumpets sound. Your pink sun's shining down. And now I feel my ice cream melting. You sparkle when you speak. Your gold dust makes me weak. You stole my cane and now I'm falling. The pinwheel's spinning. My wheels are spinning. The pinwheel's spinning. My wheels are spinning around. Around. The pinwheel's spinning around. And now I'm hypnotized and drinking butterflies. You're pulling back your bow and aiming. An arrow form your eyes has left me paralyzed. You're blowing bubbles in my face. The plastic trumpets sing. You're tying licorice strings around my tongue when I'm talking. The cotton candy clouds open their paper mouths. The pink confetti keeps on falling.
Hands behind your teeth touch the needle down. But I can't hear you speak above this pin drone. Blow a paper horn. Burn a candle down. Raise a wineglass for the death of silence. Bow your head and pray for a moment of silence.


released March 15, 2007

Recorded by Steve Revitte in Brooklyn, NY in 2006. Mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside Music. Artwork by Andrew Guenther
Apollo Liftoff - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Ryan Hamilton - guitar, backing vocals
Adam Marx - guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Mooridian Jr. - drums, simmons drums


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VAZ New York, New York

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