The Lie that Matches the Furniture

by VAZ



released November 15, 2005



all rights reserved


VAZ New York, New York

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Track Name: The Past is Past
The past must pass. Make it fast and keep it simple. The last thing I need's another day. Kill it fast and make it painless. The past is past. I can't stand seeing the corpse turn grey. You won't see me. A thousand blinding sparks will fall. When I leave here in a blood orange fireball. All that you said, all that you meant to me is gone. All that is dead. Nothing's worth keeping that long.
Track Name: Tri-Panik Express
I see by your language your mouth has flown away. Stolen by swallows who don't get what you say. There's feathers in your throat that keep coming up. Panic is coming. Panic is coming down the tracks. The scenery is burning. It could've been beautiful. Nailed on board jet train to oblivian. Your hands tear at the seams. Chrome pixels fly by your window pane. Reflections you'll never see. I see by the blank space you've bitten off your hand. You're folding like paper. It's a message you can't send or save. Nailed on board jet train to oblivian. Your head's clamped to your knees. Blown thunder shatters your window pane. Your breath no longer breathes. (Railed round bends. Bent like knees. Pulled like nails. Nailed in deep.)
Track Name: Mensa Beast
Every night he prowls the streets. Gathers brains for his feast. Stuffs it down and spits it up at your feet. Oh, to be a Mensa beast.
Track Name: The Blue Hour
I saw her again floating light on the sea. A diamond toothed woman with cellophane wings. Now I, I can't wait to see who you are. You come in the blue hour and leave with my heart. Cursing the morning, I whisper goodbye. Her sapphire teardrops fall next to mine. (Saw her again gliding toward me. She opened her mouth up and began to sing. I can't drift thru the daylight. I can't swim next to stars. Only the blue hour can lighten my dark. Cursing the morning, she looks at the sky. She opens her wings up and begins to cry.) I've been searching the late night. I've been waving with both hands. I've been parting the ocean. I've been draining the sea. I've been searching the daylight. I've been driving the whole land. I've been part of the ozone. It's been raining on me. All I want is to bring you, bring you back into my world. Not only the blue hour, but the 23 others. I've been trying to find you. I keep trying to find you.
Track Name: Wined and Blind
I thought you could become my Jesus. Turn water into wine. I was wrong. Keep away. (I'm telling you I am your savior. Your water will be wine. Come along. Come away.)
Track Name: Sink the Swan
Idling mouths leak and whisper. Barrled hands unravel fingers. Dirty nails spike the water. Choke-weed spreads, grows a lake at your feet. You sink to your knees and thrash at vines laced to your collar. Tightening lines, lashing words to your teeth. The laughter's missing from splitting sides. Your stomach's brown and sweating poison. You're throwing up as underhands pull you down. Down and down. Sinking down. Dying to end the night. Trying to kill the night. (Streaming toward the light. Drinking in pools of light. Spitting up at the night.)
Track Name: Lapp Garou
I feel her watching. Hovering near. Casting whispers in the snow. A milky shadow caressing trees in the white moon's glow. I wanna know (dying to know). Dying to know (don't wanna know). Don't wanna know (I wanna know) who you are. What you are. It can't be. Please don't be. A flash of white fang betrays her smile. The village killer is my wife. Her spell's torn asunder. Now only I can free her cursed life. Now with parting eyes and twisting heart I become blind and open my arms. She's silent. She's falling. With love I'm drawing the white knife from her heart.
Track Name: Owlmen
With black ruffled plumes and gold medallion eyes and swinging silver spoons they can hypnotize. With grey metal spines and 360 heads they can stare thru walls and explode your head. Now they're coming after you and they're closing in on you and they're burning holes in you. Try to hitch a ride in a thruster car to a different planet by a different star. But they won't give in and they won't relent. Now your will is gone and your luck is spent. (They never sleep.) Now they're coming after you and they're closing in on you and they're burning holes in you.
Track Name: Blood Oranges
Fell down on the pavement. Woke up on your knife. Now red drops paint lips on flowers. Volcanic eruptions at every traffic light. The red lights drill my ozone. Head's sweating a river. Mouth is running dry. Gonna swallow the ocean and crawl away with the tide. The red rays slice my orange heart. (Give me your knife. Give me all of your life. I am your wife. Give me your wife for the rest of your life. Here is your knife.)
Track Name: The Swell Remains
I'm trying to find a reason, a why. It's taking a lot. It's taking everything I haven't got. I'm waiting in line. I'm waiting to find out. It's dripping and dripping. It's dripping like Chinese water torture. Flowing down the rain with the acid rain. My face is melting. Just stay away from me 'cuz everybody knows. When something gets thrown out then you really know. It's in the trash. It's in the drain. It's in the gutter. Could the smell be any more plain. Just stay away for me now everything is fine. Just keep your distance and I'll keep all of mine. The only way to figure out, the only way I know is Chinese water torture. Flowing down the drain with the freezing rain. The ice is breaking. The swell remains.
Track Name: Boy from Nancy
There once was a boy. A boy in Nancy. With colorful dreams. Fruitful romantics. Wonderful clouds. Can't you see? Once there was a boy.